Vancouver, Canada

When in stunningly beautiful Vancouver, Doris uses her own small business – TransPlus – to pursue her professional interests in translating, editing and writing, while Rodger combines some consulting with an adjunct Prof position at UBC’s Media and Graphics (MAGIC) lab.

As far as lifestyle and scenery are concerned, Vancouver rightfully tops the charts. The myth that it rains a lot is . . . well, true to a point, and a perfect way of keeping away Californians đŸ™‚

This is the view we wake up to every morning. Well worth paying your hard-earned tax dollars for, eh?


There is some spectacular hiking at our doorstep: Deek’s Lake and Garibaldi

Rumour has it you can hike, ski, kayak and sail in Vancouver all on the same day (it’s true!), but you might just as well take your time and spread it out.

Cross-country skiing on Cypress Mountain

Sailing on a Bavaria 37 in Desolation Sound 

Sea kayaking in June

A man for all seasons

With Vancouver becoming ever more popular and property prices climbing accordingly, we thought we’d jump on the house&garden property ladder before it’s too late. Bought the house in August, spent 6 absolutley mad weeks scraping, painting and repairing, went to Europe and sold it. Lessons learnt: it’s fun; it’s hard work; it’s great having a house and garden of your own; but having a mortgage the size of Inner Mongolia does not make for sound sleep. However prices climbed relentlessly so we made a small profit, learned lots of new stuff, decided property renovation wasn’t our preferred career and moved back into the condo!

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