Nepal – Spring 1995

While living in Japan we were lucky to hook up with a fellow hiker whose boyfriend ran trekking trips in Nepal. He was able to get a permit to visit the Rolwaling valley region which is off the usual trekking routes and about 50km southwest of Everest. Our goal was a peak called Ramdung which stood at a little over 6000m.

The route

We drove up from Kathmandu to Charikot where we unloaded our gear and hiked a little up the valley to the market town Dolkha. From there we began the trek up the Bhote river valley to Chhetchhet – about 4 days. We then climbed out of the Bhote river valley into the Rolwaling valley. From there it was another 3 days to the village of Beding (3693m) before we climbed up past the summer village of Ra (4183m) and onto Yalung snow fields where we made base camp at 5000m. After failing to attack Ramdung because of heavy snow, we settled for Yalong Ri (5800m) before heading back down to Kathmandu for hot showers and chocolate cake.

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