Bristol, UK

For reasons that still puzzle us, we moved from Oregon to Bristol in ’93. I took a job at HP labs and Doris finished off her masters. The job was less interesting that I’d hoped and we soon moved on. However, we made some great friends and had an excellent time.

who and what

From top left – Bristol has an annual ballon festival, swimming with Nina and Gilles on a rare sunny day, the original suspension bridge (by Brunel himself) – sporting a natty bavarian umbrella on the steps of 10 Pinegrove place. Hiking in Wales, getting drunk at Rods, Punishing terrain, more hiking in Wales – with Nina, Gille, Klaus and Jo. Briccolage (sniff)

briccolage ’70-’96 rip

Briccolage, our white Renault 4 had been with me since University. I’d taken it to Paris, parked it with Mum and Dad while in Oregon, reclaimed it when we reurned to England, and then sold it on to friends when we left. They junked it a couple of years later and sent me this photo of its last hours.


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