Redang, Malaysia, Oct 2008

In order to finish her PADI open water training, Doris had to do 4 open water dives. So we joined Vincent, the dive master and proprietor of Dragonet, and a few others from KL for a 4-day trip to Redang, just before the start of the monsoon season. The weather was beautiful, the Coral Redang resort small and quiet, the water a balmy 30C on the surface and 28C at the bottom, and the reef diving spectacular (an eye-tinnitus inducing array of colourful reef fish and plants, barracudas, a couple of green turtles and even 2 hammerhead baby sharks). Doris got her PADI diver certificate and is now a confirmed (tropical water!)diving aficionado.

Doris getting ready for her first reef dive Rodge patiently waiting while Doris fiddles with her equipment

coconut palms, white sand and turquoise sea . . .life is tough Meister divers emerging from the South China Sea

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