Lancaster, UK


FAQ: “You could live anywhere in the world – why Lancaster?!?” Well, it’s not because of the regional culinary delights or the great weather. It might have to do with middle age, wanting to be closer to old-time friends and family or missing the omnipresence of great pubs. Whatever the reasons, we do enjoy being near the Lake District, hanging out on campus, going for hikes sprinkled with extended pub stops, dropping in on friends for chats and endless cups of Yorkshire tea.

Tradition meets modern design: the sign of one of Lancaster’s oldest pubs and the trendy Millenium Bridge spanning the river Lune.

Irrespective of season, weather, occasion or mood, a drink at The Water Witch on the Canal, is always the right decision.

Our backyard and around the neighbourhood – lush places, mixed population, not exactly frantic with activity – the way I like it!

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